That may sound a bit crazy, but as our Wednesday evening training has grown from strength to strength you guys are rapidly becoming extremely good sailors. I know many of you are travelling to far flung places to race and some are members of zone or national squads; however there is also a huge number who are great sailors.

So what’s next?

Just because you can sail well and may have your race qualifications does not stop you from sailing on a Wednesday with your mates, but the time does come when you (I can’t believe I am saying this) are too old for youth training. If you have not taken part in any of the club’s other race nights or weekend sailing over the years that initial transition can seem massive and rather scary.

The club is actively looking to increase dinghy sailing at present so now is your chance to shine. One of the proposals is a fleet start for youth boats on Mondays, possibly Thursdays and Saturdays (all to be confirmed) so you will all start together and do multiple laps on a fairly small course, the Optimists with the least and the faster boats doing more, that way you can all start together and finish about the same time. Sounds great!

The next big question is: who can join in?

If you can sail a triangle, you’re in! All of you from last seasons Opi Ones to any of the race groups will be more than capable. Most of you guys can sail a lot better than some of the more senior club sailors so this is an amazing opportunity for you to prove just how good you are and put your selves in view of the whole club. Talk to your friends from your class and from the other fleets and get a plan together, its always more fun if there are a bunch of you, and doing some stress free club sailing makes a massive difference when you do go out to an open event or youth week.

This is also a good chance to try out double handed sailing if you’re a single pringle, we have the Fevas available for just this so don’t be shy.

If you would like some advice please do not hesitate to contact your fleet captain or any of the youth training committee.

Let’s make next season the best ever!

Rob Kemp

Topper Class Captain