Analysis of the 2012 participation profile for the Asymmetric Fleet showed that 21 different boats started races with an average fleet size of 4 boats/race.  From this it can be deduced that our current "business model" for asymmetric sailing is defunct.  With this in mind, discussions with other fleet representatives led to a series of proposals for the 2013 season.  The majority of these proposals have been agreed by the Sailing Commitee and will be implemented next season.  The agreed changes are as follows:

Item 1.  There will be one start for asymmetric, fast handicap and medium handicap boats.  These boats will all race against each other as a single fleet.  The Laser dinghies will have their own start. 

Reasoning:  The above change will ensure that there will always be a decent sized fleet to race in.

Item 2.  Courses will alternate between triangular and windward/leeward formats within a given series.

Reasoning:  This ensures that asymmetric boats get the opportunity to fully utilise their spinnakers in at least half the races.  Occasional asymmetric sailors may wish to only pick the windward/leeward races to participate in.

Item 3:  Average lap scoring will be used for all races.

Reasoning:  This is to create a more "level playing field" when races comprise of boats with significantly different handicaps.  In particular it should help slower boats who tend to be worst affected by a dying evening breeze.

Two other proposals are under discussion and may be put forward.  They are:

Proposal 1.  Use PY data obtained from the RYA PYS website to adjust handicaps.  The majority of the asymmetric and other handicap results for 2012 have been entered (via Sailwave files) into this site and new PYs are available for some boats (more  data is required to give results for all boats).  The site generates PYs on a "class of boat" basis and is not a personal handicap.  However, if there is only one of a given boat class, it will equate to a personal handicap.

Reasoning:  The PYs published by the RYA are only an approximation over all sailing environments.  The RYA encourages clubs to change the PYs they use to match their local conditions, for instance, HISC modifies the RYA PYs to compensate for its local tidal conditions.  With this change, it should be possible to bring a fairer set of PYs into use.

Proposal 2.  To have two races on a Saturday, either two "fast & furious" standard races or a pursuit race followed by a standard race.

Reasoning:  To make Saturday racing more of an "event", to provide something more exciting for people who only use their boats occassionaly.