Changes in the racing format, as proposed last year (see article), are being implemented this year.  The following results relate to these changes and cover the combined asymmetric and handicap fleet, known as AsyCap.

AsyCap Results - Spring - Monday

AsyCap Results - Spring - Thursday

AsyCap Results - Spring - Saturday

AsyCap Results - Summer - Monday

AsyCap Results - Summer - Thursday

AsyCap Results - Trophy Races

Here is the Race Schedule for the Late Summer Series, this schedule identifies the course type as one of Triangle (T), Windward/Leeward (WL) or Channel Course (CC).  In the instance of a race being abandoned, the course type will be changed to "RA" in the results.

AsyCap Results - Late Summer - Monday

AsyCap Results - Late Summer - Thursday

Here is the Race Schedule for the Autumn and Winter Series.

AsyCap Results - Autumn - Saturday

AsyCap Results - Winter - Saturday