The participation data for 2015 can be directly compared to the data collected for 2014 as the race series are nearly identical.  The purpose of this analysis is to provide baseline data that can be used when discussing racing proposals at the Handicap AGM.  The source data is as follows:

Note:  The majority of the boat ID letters map to the same boats in both years but not all.

Basic Analysis

Last year, 17 out of 106 scheduled races were abandoned representing a loss of 16%.  This year, 19 out of 99 scheduled races were abandoned, a loss of 19%.  There were 36 individual boats participating last year, this year there are 30.  The overall number of individual starts last year was 488 with an average of 5.48 boats per race, this year, there were 499 starts with an average of 6.24 boats/race.


In comparing the 2014 and 2015 data, particular attention should be paid to the near complete loss of the 2015 Winter Series due to bad weather.