Since 2012 handicap results files (Sailwave) have been uploaded to the RYA PYS Online Website.

This data is used in calculating the annual PY numbers(PN) which the RYA publishes, this publication lists the recommended PY for each racing class it has sufficient data for.  In addition, the above website, allows each club to calculate PY data using only the data the club has supplied.  All data is validated (e.g there must be sufficient boats in a race) before it is entered into a calculation.

A table, comparing the 2016 recommended PY and the calculated PY is available here.

The table shows that the majority of boats are sailing close to their recommended PY.  This gives some confidence that course selection has not unduly favoured one boat configuration over another.  The turnover of boats means that some boats have only logged a few valid starts and hence the comparision is more suspect.