Cruiser Class 1a

Our racing is competitive and above all fun. Our yachts consist of generally older classic Cruiser/Racers and Cruising Yachts. Typically we range from 25 feet to 33 feet.

We race on Tuesday nights through the summer. The courses are mainly in the harbour and we try, as often as conditions allow, to race out through the harbour entrance into the bay In the spring and early winter we race on Sunday mornings in combination with 1B and some class 1 Yachts.

If you have a yacht, and would like to try racing, please don’t hesitate to contact Steve or I. Don’t worry if you are new to racing we will help to ease you into racing and will give you feed back to help you improve.

Class Contacts

Ian Aitken
Class Captain

Race Results




We hold an annual dinner at the club and organise a few session after the racing were we share a table and exchange ideas and advice. We even crack the odd joke, banter and all the things that you would expect from a class.

1a Specification

Class 1A Rating Requirements

The boat must hold a current VPRS certificate
The low limit is 0.810 (0.775 for non spinnaker ratings)
The high limit is 0.871

Class 1A Requirements For Sunday Races Only

For Cruiser Races that take place as part of the Sunday Early Spring Series, and the Sunday Winter Series only.
Class 1A and Class 1B are combined and shall be called Class 1A
The boat must hold a current VPRS certificate
The low limit shall be the same as the Class 1A Low limit for that year
There is no high limit